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Personal Video is a great way to express your professionalism, to tell your audience who you are and what you do.
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HD Format, for Watch on PC/TV/PAD, use this version for YouTube-alike website:
An HD (High-Definition) Format of your Personal Video is produced for most of your video presentation needs. You can for example; upload to YouTube or any other video hosting website, for use your website or blog.

Vertical Format, for sharing on message App on phone, for example "WhatsApp":
A Vertical Format of your Personal Video is perfect for viewing on mobile device, and is there the best format you can use to share on messaging apps like WhatsApp or WeChat.

Square Format, for sharing on Social Network, for example "Facebook", "Twitter":
A Square Format of your Personal Video is a highly versatile version which you are able to adapt to either landscape and portrait views, so it's the perfect format to share on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram. No matter which device your followers have, they will experience the best viewing possible.

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